About the Company

mr-verneVerne Industries is a technological and aetherial creation of Mr James Verne.


"I have brought together some of the most creative and technologically advanced thinkers, to create machines and devices. These will astound you with their abilities to deal with the forces and problems we can see - but also the forces and problems we cannot see.

We have the very great honour of working for Her Majesty Queen Victoria and the British Government. We aim to protect the Commonwealth and all its subjects from the horrors both seen and unseen that the world of the 1800s has to offer. The villainous intentions of foreign powers are always at the forefront of our thoughts. The invisible enemy is also a constant threat. The threat of which Iā€ˆspeak is that of the malign magical kingdom."
Key Team Members
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Dr Nicodemus Dandelion is the head of our creative technologies department, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge into areas that are both dark and menacing but strangley familiar.   Mr Fitzwilliam "Fizz" Burdock is head of public relations and ether media looking after our Interweb pages, Ether Mail and social networking.